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  • Hiking trails in Åsnenarea: Ramnaberg, the Åsnen area’s highest point

Hiking trails in Åsnenarea: Ramnaberg, the Åsnen area’s highest point

Adresse: Hulevik, 34253 Lönashult Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Hulevik, 34253 Lönashult

The hiking trail to Ramnaberg has Hulevik’s marina as its start and finish and offers a 2-3-hour hike in various Åsnen habitats.

The trail runs along Banvallsleden to Trollberget (read more on p. 164 in the book Åsnens Natur – Din Guide till unika upplevelser. (Currently, the book is only available in Swedish. To be released in English later in 2017.) From here, smaller paths with orange-coloured markings lead through the shadowy coniferous forest to the top of the 210-metre-high mountain Ramnaberg and an old watch tower. The tower, however, has become somewhat unsafe to visit. If you want to climb it, you do so entirely at your own risk. From the top of the mountain the hike continues past the farm Ramnaberg, where the path soon turns onto a smaller road that leads into the forest. Shortly after follows a magnificent view of Åsnen’s archipelago and the surrounding woodland. Beyond the outlook point, the path becomes somewhat unclear and demands the hiker’s utmost attention to not miss the orange path markings. On the way back to Hulevik, the trail passes, among others, a beautiful area of broad-leaved deciduous forest. Moose and roe deer live in the forests between Hulevik-Lönashult.

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